Traffic Tickets

The Truth on Traffic Tickets

You probably fall into one of 3 categories…

Category 1: I have one ticket.

Category 1 you really can handle yourself – it may not be worth having me go fight unless you just don’t want to do it.

Category 2: I have a CDL.

Category 2: We probably need to get together and review your situation. Cost is usually the same as a Class B or Class A misdemeanor.

Category 3: I have a buncha tickets and its causing problems with my license.

Category 3: We see this often and hiring an attorney can definitely help BUT it won’t help with the cost. If you have $1500 in tickets in 3 different locations, hiring an attorney does not make it so that you only pay $500 – it will cost more than the $1500. Let’s talk, evaluate the situation, come up with a plan, execute the plan and get you driving clear and clean again.